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Departmental meeting on citizen energies

Department of Var, France (June 2023)

On 6 June 2023, MALTAE accepted an invitation to take part in the Var departmental citizens’ energy day held in Le Luc-en-Provence. The presentation by Energie partagée, who organised the meeting, was shown during the morning.

The aim of this meeting was to develop fruitful exchanges, and the presence of different interlocutors and players in the field of shared energy enabled quality discussions during the day, while ideas were exchanged for enhanced cooperation in the future.

Context: Concerning the awareness raising carried out in the department to try to promote and develop citizen renewable energies on its territory, as part of the “Demain, nos énergies ! “(Tomorrow, our energies!), an initiative to promote the Territorial Climate Air and Energy Plan (PCAET), the efficiency, but also the limits, for the SMPVV (Syndicat Mixte Provence Verte Verdon) union to implement and promote the actions entrusted to it by the Provence Verte conurbation community and the Provence Verdon community of communes were discussed, namely: film debates, games, conferences and testimonies on these issues, visits to sites and citizen projects that already exist in other départements, etc. Despite the support of elected representatives and local authorities, and a major effort to raise awareness (5 public meetings), these initiatives have not always met with the expected success (too small an audience), and the difficulties involved in implementing them were taken on board during the workshops held on 6 June.

New proposals for action put forward: In view of the complexity of the subject, and in the absence for the time being of a flagship and inspirational project in the department, the participants suggested a number of courses of action – such as those developed in the Erasmus+ project “Rural energy communities” through the introduction and use of digital tools and dedicated e-learning platforms – to help citizens become more familiar with issues relating to energy. Another solution mentioned was to call on shared ownership and the potential of participative housing projects – which MALTAE was quick to point out and promote (see Bois de Bridille) for their appetite for the “common” on energy and water issues – not forgetting other players such as installers or social or private landlords who could also be useful partners.

A report on the discussions, together with a list of participants and their contacts, was sent to all participants.

Upcoming events

  • “One week, from 22 to 27 September 2023, around shared housing and energy” with Vallée du Gapeau en transition. Venue: the Kanopée du Gapeau community energy centre.
  • Friday 22/09 at 6 p.m.: Conference on the creation of “commons” in housing: participative housing and shared energy.
  • Saturday 23/09 from 2pm to 4pm: A ‘family’ workshop (with access to e-learning).
  • Saturday 23/09 Organisation of a car-sharing visit to the BOIS DE BRINDILLE shared housing development in Le Cannet-des-Maures / departure 2pm, return 5.30pm.
  • Wednesday 27/09 from 3.30pm to 5pm: A workshop for children (with access to e-learning).


  • Friday 24 November 2023 SUD PACA regional meeting of Energie partagée at Ste Tulle in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04)