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The main objectives of the Erasmus+ KA210 project “Rural energy communities: tools to promote an inclusive energy transition” are:

– To involve rural inhabitants in the energy transition process of the European agenda.

– To raise awareness regarding the essential role that energy communities can play in such a transition.

– To provide the training tools and know-how to increase knowledge on the structure, operation, and benefits of local energy communities in rural areas.

– To identify potential issues related to energy consumption and production strategies that could empower the rural environment, as well as sharing the acquired knowledge with our target groups.

– To broaden the vision of what energy communities mean, beyond electricity consumption and production, to other types of energy use such as heating or mechanical energy, in order to address problems and the resources involved (water remediation, water supply, heating poverty, reforestation…), and connect these “other” energies with traditional activities such as milling, wool laundries, reforestation with local species, etc.

-To plant the first seeds to create networks of local stakeholders who, in the immediate future, could put into practice the knowledge acquired in order to create the first energy communities in our areas.

To set up a working group that will focus on rural energy issues, exchange good practice, reinforce the partners’ work with specific experience, etc.