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Rural energy communities

Tools to promote an inclusive energy transition


Rural energy communities: the project

The main objectives of the Erasmus+ KA210 project “Rural energy communities: tools to promote an inclusive energy transition” are:

  • To involve rural inhabitants in the energy transition process of the European agenda.

  • To raise awareness regarding the essential role that energy communities can play in such a transition.

Who are we?

The three organisations that set up this partnership are locally rooted and share a common objective of bringing change, social and environmental justice to the villages and areas where we work, given that all of us also share, in different degrees, experience in adult education. Although similar in objectives and structure (we are three local associations working …


Initial coordination meeting in Benevento, Italy

After several online coordination meetings, members of the three partner associations finally met in person in Benevento (Italy), in May 2022. They got to know each other, present the activity of our associations and work on the organisation and contents of the project. Francesca Gerardo and Donato de Marco, from Gramigna, Odile Jacquemin, Jean-Lous Pacitto, Maeva Inghels and Franck Michalowski, …

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Initial coordination meeting in Benevento, Italy

What's next?

The three partners are currently in the process of documenting and researching energy communities, focusing on local contexts, identifying key literature, carrying out interviews with experts, relevant stakeholders, etc.

Key contents resulting from this activity will be uploaded to an online training platform, which will be active (that is, online forums will be moderated, and questions answered) from mid-July 2022 until April 2023. Afterwards, contents will be open for anyone interested in learning about energy communities.

A first in-person workshop will be held in each of the countries in September 2022. Exact dates and programme will be announced on due time.

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