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Initial coordination meeting in Benevento, Italy

After several online coordination meetings, members of the three partner associations finally met in person in Benevento (Italy), in May 2022. They got to know each other, present the activity of our associations and work on the organisation and contents of the project.

Francesca Gerardo and Donato de Marco, from Gramigna, Odile Jacquemin, Jean-Lous Pacitto, Maeva Inghels and Franck Michalowski, from Maltae, and Fernando Lobato Amenedo and Beatriz Cárcamo Aboitiz, from Asonautas, worked together for three days, sharing ideas and experiences. Much of the work was carried out at the agri-tourism La Cinta, but the partners did also field visits and held meetings with relevant stakeholders:

Ther partners with Vincenzo Raffa, expert in energy communities
Working at La Cinta
Visit to the urban gardens in Benevento