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Communities in the wind

for a plural vision of energy: diversification of energy sources for new uses

Next 11 September, we’ll meet “Collaborative Energy”, an organisation that is positioning itself as a major player regarding impact wind energy 2.0, a real alternative (exclusively horizontal) to the current wind power:

  • Wind energy 2.0 with a strong contribution to decarbonisation.
  • Wind energy 2.0 that respects biodiversity and natural resources.
  • Sovereign wind turbines 2.0, designed and manufactured locally.
  • Wind energy 2.0 accepted by the public.
  • Wind turbines 2.0 that are at least as efficient as the existing ones, if not much more.
  • Competitive wind energy 2.0.
  • Wind energy 2.0 that overcomes the variability/intermittence of the renewable resource (storage without memory, carbon dioxide recovery and electro-fuels).
  • Wind energy 2.0 that relies on a truly scientific approach to the creation of intellectual property and is very customer value oriented and low carbon.

Collaborative Energy’s solutions are based on two disruptive patented products (”wind generators”); these are intended for energy producers, infrastructure (collective self-consumption, road networks, buildings), maritime transport, agriculture and mountain resorts, among others. The target uses cover the production of totally decarbonised electricity (in-shore wind, floating and sailing off-shore wind) and the propulsion of ships; its energy production solutions also contribute to the production of totally decarbonised hydrogen. Moreover, the reversible nature of one of the Collaboratives Energy solutions also makes it possible to fight against late frosts on crops, a real scourge and consequence of climate change.

In addition, the “Smart Agriculture in Green Provence” project, led by Collaborative Energy (included in the Ecological Transition Contract of the aforementioned region), will ultimately make it possible to market a unique solution that combines devices for decarbonised energy production and an equally unique reversible device for storing energy with infinite memory and for producing electro-fuels by recovering carbon dioxide.