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tools to promote an inclusive energy transition


Raising awareness of the essential role that energy communities can play in an inclusive energy transition


Providing the necessary tools and knowledge about the structure, functioning and benefits of energy communities in rural areas


Creating a working group focusing on rural energy issues, exchange of good practices and other relevant topics

Partner organisations

Three organisations from Spain, France and Italy work together for an inclusive energy transition.


Click here to read about the main objectives of the Erasmus+ KA210 project “Rural energy communities: tools to promote an inclusive energy transition”.

Target groups

The broad target group of our project activities is the rural population, who commonly suffer from reduced access to information, basic services and infrastructure.


Cover for Erasmus +: Comunidades energéticas rurales
Erasmus +: Comunidades energéticas rurales

Erasmus +: Comunidades energéticas rurales

Proyecto Erasmus + de comunidades energéticas rurales: herramientas para promover una transición

Next in our Agenda: 22 on March – ItalyRural energy communities: an opportunity for social and intercultural cohesion / Third workshop in Italy See MoreSee Less
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In the rural areas of South Italy, the search for solutions to cover the need for electricity goes through the use of wind turbines. there is still no common vision for the use of this resource but the debate remains constantly heated.Nelle zone rurali del Sud Italia la ricerca delle soluzioni per coprire il fabbisogno di energia elettrica passa attraverso l’utilizzo delle pale eoliche. non esiste ancora una visione comune per l’utilizzo di questa risorsa ma il dibattito rimane costantemente See MoreSee Less
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1 years ago

Erasmus +: Comunidades energéticas rurales’s cover photo See MoreSee Less
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2 years ago

Erasmus +: Comunidades energéticas rurales See MoreSee Less
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